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Gasper Air Spray

About Us

Mike Gasper is the owner, president and pilot for Gasper Air Spray. He attended the University of Minnesota, Crookston in 1975 to 1978 where he studied the aerial application agronomy program. Mike started spraying for Vincent Aero Spray in Northwood, ND from 1978 to 1980. Then in 1980 he started his business with his wife Connie, with a single plane. The business has to develop in to a multiple aircraft operation, dedicated to the aerial application industry.

Mike has a passion for the business which stemmed from his love of agriculture and farming. Along with the aerial application business he owns and operated with his son a diversified farming operation. He knows the business and is committed to aerial application. Having a diverse and experienced background in agriculture he will be able to understand the needs and commit to doing the very best for his growers.

Mike has long-term, multiple pilots running under his fleet of 4 turbine aircrafts and 1 reciprocal aircraft, along with a great staff. He has multiple loading/ landing strips and multiple mobile loading semis and equipment.

Who we are:

  • Family-owned business
  • Owned and operated by Mike
  • Certified applicator of fungicide, insecticide, and herbicide
  • Certified applicator of liquid and dry fertilizer
  • Multiple fly out locations
  • Aerial photography
  • Highly Trained Professional Pilots

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